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Back (again)

2012-09-02 19:11:42 by FuzzyOzzy

Bonjour! I took a bit of a break, due to school, and work so My bad!
I uploaded a voice demo, and it would appear someone had downloaded it, I'm not sure why though...

If you need a voice actor, I'm always open!

Someone Downloaded them?

2012-07-16 13:38:02 by FuzzyOzzy

Well, while lurking my channel I come to find that someone has downloaded both my songs! I greatly appreciate it! My songs haven't even been approved yet, so I'm kind of unsure how anyone found out about it....


2012-07-14 22:22:58 by FuzzyOzzy

Hello! If your reading this, CONGRATULATIONS! You have made one user happier than usual! I am a voice actor of sorts, and a half-ass composer, as you can hear by my audio submission on my page, I'm not that amazing, at music, and if I ever get the chance, you'll see that my Voice acting is also not the most fantastic.
I am going to be working with some people on youtube as a voice actor, and I was part of the Wing Commander Saga's upcoming game. I hope to voice with animators on this site! If you have any comments for my Music so far, I'd really appreciate it! Please feel free to message me if you need a voice actor, I work for free, I don't believe in charging for Voicing, so I guess I have that going for me. Thanks for reading again!